In Dr. Mathews’ Words

“Gastric bypass surgery or bariatric surgery brings many things to the table hormonally in a person’s body.

For instance, you can take a normal person, 200 pounds overweight, and ask them to not eat for a week. They might not eat hardly anything, but they generally don’t lose any weight. If you do a gastric bypass on them, and the caloric intake is about the same, the gastric bypass patient will lose 15-20 lbs in the first week.

When I see the people at the 6 month visit, and for example, they have lost 80 pounds, and I say ‘if I put an 80 pound barbell [over there] and asked you to carry it to the door’ —most would say they couldn’t, and yet they had been carrying that weight around.

I would like to think there is something else out there – if there was a pill, or a way, but I doubt it ever will be.

Online, or with your primary care physician you can determine if you are candidate for this surgery. If you think you are a candidate. I would encourage you to attend a seminar. All centers of excellence have seminars.

Then find a surgeon who is passionate, who is good at it, and one with a good record.”

– Dr. John Mathews

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Dr. John L. Mathews
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